Details for Advertisement for Bids


L1667 SECTION 0005 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Sealed proposals will be received from qualified General Contractors at the Administration Building in the President's Conference Room, Southern Union State Community College, Wadley Campus, Wadley, Alabama, until 2:00 PM (local prevailing time), October 8, 2020; and thereafter opened publicly for construction of: SOUTHERN UNION STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, ARENA REROOF, WADLEY, ALABAMA The work includes reroofing the Arena Building at the Wadley Campus, with all trades incorporated in the general contract. Bid Documents are on file and may be seen at the President's Conference Room, in the Administration Building, Wadley Campus, Wadley, Alabama and at the offices of PH&J Architects, Inc., 807 South McDonough Street, Montgomery, Alabama. Obtaining Bid Documents: Electronic images of bid documents may be viewed on-line at no cost through Alabama Graphics web site ( by accessing the esuite/e-distribution/ALGX Planroom tab (top right). Questions pertaining to accessing the web site should be directed to Bryant Haynie 334/263-0529. Access password is "phjarch" for the above named project. Bidders may obtain Bid Documents by either of two methods as directed below. Bid Documents may only be obtained from: Alabama Graphics 350 E. Jeff Davis Ave. Montgomery, Alabama 36104 Method 1 Plan Deposit: Bidders may obtain complete sets of Bid Documents in hard copy from Alabama Graphics upon deposit of $50.00 per set. This deposit will be refunded, in full on up to two (2) sets, to Bidders submitting a bonafide bid upon their return of the set(s) in good condition within 10 days of the bid date. Sets returned for deposit shall be sent to Alabama Graphics. Additional sets for Bidders, subcontractors and vendors may be obtained for the same deposit amount per set. Those sets will be refunded less the cost of printing and handling, which is believed to be the same as the amount of the deposit. Deposits will only be received by check made out to PH&J Architects, Inc. and mailed or hand delivered to Alabama Graphics. The cost and return of additional sets shall be in accordance with Section 39-2-3 of the Code of Alabama. Method 2 Purchase of Bid Documents: Bid Documents either paper copies (full or partial sets) OR full sets of electronic copies (pdf format) may be purchased through the web site upon non-refundable payment to Alabama Graphics. Partial sets will only be issued at the bidder's specific request for particular documents and with the understanding that it is the bidder's responsibility to have viewed the entire set of documents to determine what parts are required for him to submit a responsive bid. Official interpretations will be based on complete, full size sets. Bid documents may be used only for the purpose of bidding and constructing this project. Documents may not be copied in whole or in part by electronic or other means. Anyone placing an order for plans and specifications by either method will be notified of all addenda by e-mail. The architect retains all copyrights and ownership of the documents. Award will be made only to competent and responsible bidders as mandated by Title 39 of the Code of Alabama respondents who have the experience and other qualifications as set forth in the bid documents. Pre-bid qualification is not required. All bidders must be licensed under Title 34 of the Code of Alabama and evidence thereof must appear on the proposal envelope (outside in clear view) or it will not be opened. This project qualifies for the Sales Tax Saving Program and the owner intends to implement this program. Pursuant to State Law a cashier's check or bid bond must be enclosed with the bid to secure the bid for at least 30 days. Conditional bids will be rejected. A list of major subcontractors must be submitted as indicated in the Supplemental Instructions to Bidders.. Performance and Payment Bonds if award exceeds $50,000 and evidence of specified insurance are prerequisites of contract award. Right is reserved by the Awarding Authority to reject all bids and to waive irregularities. SOUTHERN UNION STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE Todd Shackett, PRESIDENT By: PH&J ARCHITECTS, INC. 807 S. McDonough St.(36104) P.O. Box 215 (36101), Montgomery, Alabama Telephone (334) 265-8781 Email:


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