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L1665 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, ALABAMA CASE NO.: CV-1999-002273 Sandra L. Gibbs vs. Victoria Crossing, LLC and John Gill LEGAL NOTICE In this cause it is made to appear to the Court, by the affidavit of the Plaintiff, that John Allen Gill, Jr., defendant(s) are either nonresidents of the State of Alabama, whose residence is unknown and cannot be ascertained after reasonable effort, or if being residents, either their residence is unknown and cannot be ascertained after reasonable effort or they have been absent for the State more than thirty days since the filing of the complaint in this cause, or they have concealed themselves so that process cannot be served upon them, and further, that defendant(s) are over the age of nineteen years. It is therefore, ordered by the Court that publication be made in a newspaper published in the State of Alabama, for four consecutive weeks, and the said defendant(s) are hereby notified of the filing of a Motion for Revival of Judgment, and to be and appear if they think proper to defend this Motion at the present term of this Court, and within thirty days after this notice by publication is completed. Done this 15th day of September, 2020. /s/Gina J. Ishman, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Montgomery, Alabama Lange Clark, Attorney for Plaintiff, 301 19th Street North Ste. 550, Birmingham, AL 35213


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