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L1448 LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO DEFENDANT OF COMPLAINT ISSUED OUT OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF CHAMBERS COUNTY, ALABAMA CASE NO. 12-CV-2019-900170.00, TRINITY FINANCIAL SERVICES LLC, PLAINTIFF, V. ANTUANN L. TRUITT, DEFENDANT. NOTICE IS HEREBY given in the above-entitled cause that, on the 19th day of December, 2019, the above-named Plaintiff filed in said Circuit Court a cause of action against the above named defendant, a COMPLAINT FOR EJECTMENT, SEEKING POSSESSION OF REAL PROPERTY COMMONLY KNOWN AS 108 North 13th Ave., Lanett, AL 36863, AND THAT ON AUGUST 13, 2020, THE ATTORNEY FOR THE PLAINTIFF, filed in the above-entitled cause an Affidavit stating that the Defendant, ANTUANN L. TRUITT, could not be located after diligent efforts were undertaken so to do. NOW, THEREFORE, the same ANTUANN L. TRUITT is hereby commanded to answer or plead by October 22, 2020, to the complaint filed in the above-entitled cause or have default judgment entered against him. WITNESS my hand this the August 18, 2020. ATTEST: /s/ LISA BURDETTE, CIRCUIT CLERK CHAMBERS COUNTY, ALABAMA W. Brennan Rutledge, Attorney for Plaintiff McCalla Raymer Leibert Pierce, LLC 2 North 20th Street, Ste.1000, Birmingham, AL 35203 Phone/ Fax: (205) 774-1982


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