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Hilary Duff is dragging her neighbor's name through the mud and social media

Hilary Duff is dragging her neighbor's name through the mud and social media

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We’ve all had bad neighbors. The ones that play their music too loud, or leave garbage in their front yard, take up the parking lot with their 20 cars, or promise to go halves on a fence but back out when the fence is complete.

(That last example is a little personal).

The former Lizzy McGuire star is apparently having a rough time with her neighbor (who will remain nameless for the sake of this article). According to her many social media posts, Duff has been feuding with someone in her apartment complex for some time. Instead of letting the anger build up inside, Duff has taken to social media. So, don’t mess with Hilary Duff or she’ll straight up ridicule you on Insta.


Duff’s list of grievances include her apartment apparently smelling like week and smoke all day. She also complained about returning home after a 15-hour workday and getting no sleep because of her neighbor’s antics. The 30-year-old called out her neighbor (no reason to use his real name) for “breaking all your furniture when you fight with your girlfriend or boyfriend.”

(Dang, that’s cold)

Hilary even took to Instagram to seek advice on the situation. “Calling all New Yorkers with a@@hole neighbors. Really open to any advice you have,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “My neighbor smokes cigarettes and weed all night long. My apartment reeks. Seriously, what do I do?”

Duff apparently had enough, posting his name all over an Instagram post and accusing him of “not working a day in his life.”

It looks like Duff’s frustration has met a boiling point. The only thing she has left to do is…talk to her neighbor in person. Unfortunately, this is 2018. Talking in person is so 2008.

“Have some respect for your neighbors who work hard to live in that building. Don’t be a dick dude ― and put your trash down the chute, ” Duff wrote in an additional post.

Oh wow, he doesn’t even through his trash away? Man, Dieter Addison is terrible neighbor. That’s right I used his real name! Hilary, I got your back, and I suggest you leave a strongly-worded note on his front door.



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Anthony Dannar is a comedian, columnist, and marketing director at CrossFit Black Knight.

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