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Letters to the editor: Auburn fans shouldn't be chanting hateful things about Joe Biden at games

Letters to the editor: Auburn fans shouldn't be chanting hateful things about Joe Biden at games

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Toxic behavior

Note: This letter accompanied an article and link to a video of Auburn fans chanting "F--- Joe Biden" during the recent home game against Alabama State.

Subject: Appalling, outrageous AU football fan behavior. The coaches, the AU president, the fraternity and sorority leaders, the faculty must condemn this jejune, hateful, grotesque attitude. No wonder the South is looked down upon for its reactionary, racist, obnoxious and toxic environment.

Renate Latimer

AU professor emerita

New York City

Make an offer

There’s a sign outside Publix now requiring all customers to wear a face mask or covering. Kroger asks customers to wear masks to protect themselves and others. And yet, we all see people ignoring those mandates.

My oldest child has tried to teach me to always assume the other person has good intentions. Make straightforward statements about what’s important to you when you’re dealing with them. She asks, “What’s the alternative? Assume other people have bad intentions?”

Last time I went to Kroger’s I took several disposable masks in individual plastic bags. As I walked in the door, I spoke to people without masks and mentioned that I had an elderly relative who had had a stroke and small children in my family who can’t be vaccinated. I asked them to please help by wearing a mask in the store. While I’m now batting 1.000 as far as people taking the mask, so far my average is only .500 for them wearing it. Asking people for help, though, is much better than being angry. Please offer masks to others!

Margaret N. Wright


A head-scratcher

What will history record of the pandemic of 2019/20/21/22? I think it will record that an effective vaccine became available in 2020 for those over the age of 12 and 30% to 40% of the population refused the vaccine. They also refused to wear masks or refused to avoid close contact with others. They accepted the risk to themselves and everyone else around them. And in the fall of 2021 hospitalizations reached the highest number recorded and the highest number on ventilators was recorded. And those on ventilators and many dying were primarily unvaccinated.

And yet, I hear many now saying that they are not quite ready to be vaccinated. President Biden was speaking to those unvaccinated when he asked what would it take for them to accept the vaccine. I believe history will have future generations scratching their heads.

Marilyn Garrett

Auburn, AL


Kudos, Kudos and more Kudos to Debra Walters. Her letter covered it all! Well said.

Linda Fucci



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