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3 houseplants that will survive the winter
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3 houseplants that will survive the winter

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Different types of house plants require different types of care, but these basic tips will help you keep your plants alive and healthy.

If you find the Boston fern, croton, or fiddle-leaf fig tree you bought this summer seems to be shrinking away from your cold windows in the winter, that’s to be expected. While most houseplants retire to a dormant state in winter, these low-maintenance plants will look great all year long.

1) Snake Plants

Snake plants, or sansevieria laurentii, are the perfect plant for beginners no matter the season. For those who just started building out their houseplant collection during quarantine, you’ll find this low-maintenance option looks great even in low light months. Snake plants are even hardy enough to survive in windowless rooms and aren’t very temperature sensitive (so the change between a drafty window and a dry heated room won’t bother this plant).

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2) Pothos

Like snake plants, pothos thrives without direct sunlight. The waxy green leaves rarely yellow and look hardy all year round. You can even place a pothos in a dark bathroom and keep it alive, so shorter days are no problem for this plant.

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3) Haworthia

Need a pet-friendly option for your plant collection? Haworthia is a pretty, fast-growing succulent that thrives in desert environments where they receive little water and humidity. They’re also robust enough to survive next to chilly windows, so you can place this plant on the sill to get the most out of limited winter sunlight.

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