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Anderson: It’s not that I’m cheap ...

Anderson: It’s not that I’m cheap ...

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…it’s just that I don’t like to make decisions. Especially when the decision is not simple, requiring investigation and study.

So, I have a cell phone that has two drop-cracks on two corners of the screen. And the phone cover is held together with both strapping tape (fiber reinforced) and clear-invisible office tape.

When I got this new Android, I was turning in a phone that had a stylus that stayed inside the cover. Sure do miss that stylus. Especially when my awkward fingers type the wrong letters. The keypad is never large enough!

The size of the new phone was relatively the same as the old LG, so I determined (rather than having to make a real, brand new decision) that I would keep the old, soft, rubber cover and make it work on the new Samsung. (Here I’m flinging around brand names like it makes a difference what model I have.)

Well, I was glad I kept the old cover because of the several times I dropped my new phone it must’ve bounced on some of those occasions. That’s how I’ve ended up with only two drop-cracks.

One of those unfortunate mishaps was in the driveway, so I’m lucky that all I ended up with that time was one corner drop-crack.

The other thing is that it doesn’t fit the new phone. Turns out the new one is a few centimeters smaller, so the cover doesn’t grab tightly. Plus, the buttons don’t line up like on the old phone, so I had to chop away some of the cover so that the buttons could be exposed. That left the cover without much of its stabilizing essence.

In fact, that’s where the packing tape comes in. Cutting away some of the cover left it open to an impairment of its protective qualities. In other words, the poor cut-up thing kept falling off the phone.

Shoring it up with packing tape seemed like the expedient thing to do.

However, that didn’t quite resolve the falling off problem. Consequently, more tape was needed. The invisible, supposedly clear tape would do the trick because it would wrap onto the screen.

Only it wasn’t quite clear and invisible. It didn’t lay down flat, so I have to discern the screen content through bubbles.

I’ve used the taped-up cover for a while, so the edges of the “invisible” tape have come unstuck and have accumulated various fragments of debris. Now I really can’t see the screen!

I don’t know why people are appalled when they see my phone and cover. Some have tried to convince me to buy a new cover, and I suspect others were on the verge of offering to purchase one.

But, you see, the phone is losing its life force. Random quirks and failures remind me. Why buy a new cover when I’ll soon have to buy a new phone? Before I go online and compare advice from many different sources, would someone please suggest another Android? It took forever to learn how to operate this one, so I don’t see an iPhone in my future.

In addition to that decision (also requiring selection of a new cover!), I need to purchase a new computer. That’s just too many major judgement calls.

And this for someone who has a difficult time choosing what to order at Burger King.

Susan Anderson lives in Opelika with her husband. Contact her at

Susan Anderson lives in Opelika with her husband. Contact her at

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