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'Can I kiss you?' Excerpts from the allegations against Cuomo in AG's report
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'Can I kiss you?' Excerpts from the allegations against Cuomo in AG's report

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Cuomo Sexual Harassment

New York Attorney General Letitia James speaks at a press conference, Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021, in New York. An investigation found that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women in and out of state government and worked to retaliate against one of his accusers, James announced Tuesday. Attorney Joon Kim, one of the lead investigators, listens at right.

Here are some of the allegations against Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo contained in the state attorney general's report that concluded he sexually harassed 11 women. 

Cuomo on Tuesday again denied that he had inappropriately touched any women. 

Alleged sexual harassment of an executive assistant who worked for Cuomo:

“The Governor’s comments became increasingly suggestive, including one in or around late 2019 or early 2020, when the Governor said to Executive Assistant #1 something to the effect of, 'If you were single, the things I would do to you.' "

Referring to an alleged incident on Nov. 16, 2020, the report said, "As Executive Assistant #1 finished her assignment and prepared to leave the Governor’s personal office, on the second floor in the Mansion, and return to the Capitol, the Governor pulled Executive Assistant #1 in for a close hug. Executive Assistant #1 stepped away from the Governor and said, 'You’re going to get us in trouble,' to which the Governor replied, 'I don’t care,' and slammed the door shut. The Governor then returned to Executive Assistant #1 and slid his hand up her blouse, and grabbed her breast.”

“I mean it was – he was like cupping my breast. He cupped my breast. I have to tell you it was – at the moment I was in such shock that I could just tell you that I just remember looking down seeing his hand, seeing the top of my bra ... " the woman told the AG's investigators.

Cuomo's response to investigators: "Governor Cuomo denied having ever touched Executive Assistant #1’s breasts. He testified: 'To touch a woman’s breast who I hardly know, in the Mansion, with ten staff around, with my family in the Mansion, to say "I don’t care who sees us." ... I would have to lose my mind to do such a thing.' ”

Alleged sexual harassment of a state trooper assigned to Cuomo’s protective detail:

“After asking Trooper #1’s age (late 20s), the Governor responded, 'You’re too old for me.' Trooper #1 said that the Governor then asked her what age difference between the Governor and a romantic partner would be acceptable to the public, to which Trooper #1 responded, 'Probably older than your daughters.' "

“Trooper #1 also testified about a time when the Governor kissed her during the summer of 2019. Trooper #1 was stationed outside the Mt. Kisco residence and approached the Governor in the driveway to ask if he needed anything. At this point, the Governor responded, 'Can I kiss you?' Trooper #1 testified, 'I remember just freezing, being – in the back of my head, I’m like, oh, how do I say no politely because in my head if I said no, he’s going to take it out on the detail. And now I’m on the bad list.' Unsure what to do, she replied, 'Sure.' The Governor then proceeded to kiss Trooper #1 on the cheek and said something to the effect of, 'oh, I’m not supposed to do that' or 'unless that’s against the rules.' ”

“On September 23, 2019, while providing security assistance for an event in Belmont, Long Island as a member of the travel team, Trooper #1 held the door open for the Governor as he left the event. As the Governor walked by Trooper #1, he ran the palm of his left hand across her stomach in the direction opposite the direction that he was walking. The center of the Governor’s hand was on Trooper #1’s belly button, and he pushed his hand back to her right hip where she kept her gun. The conduct made Trooper #1 feel 'completely violated because to me, like that’s between my chest and my privates.' ”

Cuomo's response: The governor said he did not recall discussing age differences in relationships with the trooper. Also, the governor testified "that he does recall hugging Trooper #1 and said that he may have kissed her on the cheek at a Christmas party. However, he denied that he has ever purposely touched Trooper #1 on her stomach or run his fingers down Trooper #1’s back."

Alleged sexual harassment of Charlotte Bennett, an executive assistant for Cuomo:

“…The Governor asked her if she had ever been with older men and whether she thought age mattered in relationships. According to Ms. Bennett, while she was trying to figure out how to answer the Governor’s question, he cut her off and said, 'I don’t think [age differences] matter.' The Governor then said that he would have a relationship with someone who was '22 and up,' or 'over the age of 22.' Ms. Bennett noted that earlier that day she and the Governor had discussed the fact that she had recently turned 25.”

"At one point during this conversation, Ms. Bennett tried to change the topic by discussing a tattoo that she wanted to get for her birthday. The Governor insisted that she get the tattoo on her butt rather than her shoulder, so that people would not see it if she were wearing a dress. The Governor also asked Ms. Bennett about her piercings, and asked if she had piercings anywhere other than her ears. Ms. Bennett described this conversation as 'painfully awkward.' ”

Cuomo's response: The governor "denied saying that he would date anyone over 22, saying, '[m]y daughters are over 22 years old. It just doesn’t make any sense.' ... [t]he Governor admitted that he asked Ms. Bennett whether she did or does 'have relationships with older men,' and said that Ms. Bennett did not respond to the question. He said that he did so because he had heard rumors about Ms. Bennett’s purported involvement with older individuals and wanted to 'give her the opportunity to talk about' that without stating it directly. ... Regarding Ms. Bennett’s allegation that the Governor told her to get a tattoo on her butt, the Governor stated that he did not use the word 'butt,' but that he did tell her to get the tattoo somewhere that people could not see it."

Alleged sexual harassment of Lindsey Boylan, chief of staff at Empire State Development:

"In or around October 2017, Ms. Boylan flew with the Governor and a number of others back from an event in Western New York on the Governor’s plane. She recalled sitting across from the Governor ... Ms. Boylan testified that, at one point, the Governor said something to the effect of 'let’s play strip poker.' Ms. Boylan said that she was stunned by the Governor’s remark and responded with something sarcastic, like, 'That is exactly what I was thinking.' ”

Cuomo's response: "The Governor denied having said to Ms. Boylan, 'let’s play strip poker' or words to that effect. The Governor went on further to testify that he does not remember 'ever ... saying' the words 'strip poker' in his life."


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