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    The dramatic rupture of the dam that upheld Ukraine's largest reservoir released a torrent of water Tuesday, raising fears of widespread damage and flooding. Ukraine accused Russian forces of blowing up the facility, while Russian officials blamed Ukrainian military strikes.

      Sudan's warring military factions clashed by air and on the ground in the country's capital on Tuesday, as increased violence and spreading lawlessness added to the misery of residents already struggling with limited food and medicine. Fighting between the army and paramilitary Rapid Support…

      Prince Harry has entered a courtroom witness box and sworn to tell the truth in testimony against a tabloid publisher he accuses of phone hacking and other unlawful snooping. Harry alleges that journalists at the Daily Mirror and its sister papers used unlawful techniques on an “industrial scale” to get scoops. Publisher Mirror Group Newspapers is contesting the claims. Harry faced cross-examination by the company’s lawyer Tuesday. The 38-year-old son of King Charles III is the first senior British royal since the 19th century to face questioning in a court. Harry has made a mission of holding the U.K. press to account for what he sees as its hounding of him and his family.

      The collapse of a major dam in southern Ukraine sent global prices of wheat and corn higher. Wheat prices gained 2.4% in early trading Tuesday at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, to $6.39 a bushel. The cost of corn rose more than 1% (to $6.04 a bushel) and oats gained 0.73% ($3.46 per unit). Prices were higher earlier in the day, but appeared to decline in the hours following. The destruction of Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric power station, which sits on the Dnieper River in an area that Moscow controls, raised anxiety about a potential disruption to global supplies. There are massive agricultural fields in Southern Ukraine where the dam burst.


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      Lawyers for Ukraine have told the United Nations’ top court that Russia bankrolled a “campaign of intimidation and terror” by rebels in eastern Ukraine starting in 2014 and sought to replace Crimea’s multiethnic community with “discriminatory Russian nationalism” after its occupation and annexation of the region. Kyiv is bringing a case against Russia linked to Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Crimea and arming of rebels in eastern Ukraine in the years before Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. Ukraine wants the world court to order Moscow to pay reparations for attacks in the regions, including for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 that was shot down by Russia-backed rebels on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 passengers and crew.

      A major dam and hydro-electric power plant in Russian-occupied southern Ukraine was destroyed, prompting mass evacuations and fears of large-scale devastation as Ukraine accused Moscow's forces of committing an act of "ecocide." The Kremlin denied involvement and accused Ukraine of "delibera…

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