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Anderson: The minor inconveniences of life

Anderson: The minor inconveniences of life

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It hasn’t always been that something as tiny as a blueberry seed would cause me such frustration and irritation.

I suppose the spacing in my teeth has changed. It doesn’t make sense otherwise.

If I’m eating something with blueberries in it, I’d better have some dental floss handy. It is actually uncomfortable, and I can’t continue my meal unless I take care of the problem.

One bowl of oatmeal this morning, with about a dozen berries, caused me to stop and use that string three times!

I know this isn’t life altering or very impactful. But it wasn’t always a problem. I never managed to get any kind of berry seed stuck between my teeth.

Now it’s blueberries – and strawberries! This is a problem when eating yogurt – or jam. Good grief. It’s a good thing that I don’t like ice cream with fruit in it.

Don’t I have enough inconveniences and minor discomforts without this? Now I’m unable to enjoy the fruits of the summer!

Dining out or with company is sometimes embarrassing as it is. Although my dentist says that my teeth are in such good shape that it gives him “hope for the world,” I have several rough areas where food particles stick.

A common question to my husband is “Do I have anything in my teeth?” when we’ve eaten in a restaurant. It’s usually after consuming salads that his reply is in the affirmative. No one wants to see green specks between someone’s teeth! I usually have toothpicks handy, but someone tell me how to pull off picking my teeth in public without offending the general public?

That old hand over mouth trick doesn’t fool anyone.

Even worse is to be out with people with whom I’m less familiar. Very rarely will I ask even a good friend if my dinner is still available for snacking later.

Then, to arrive home and not be able to pass mirror check. You mean I was out there for two hours after our meal and not one person told me to check my teeth! Where’s a good friend when you need one?

Ok, let’s make a pact, my friends. If we’re to go out in public, please do a thorough inspection, preferably before we leave home, such as… Is there a stain on my clothes that I missed? Check. Are my white pants revealing the color of my underpants? Check. Did I forget to cover the obnoxious bed-head part in my hair? Check.

Then before leaving the restaurant… No toilet paper stuck to my shoe? Check. No blouse or skirt edge tucked in where it shouldn’t be? Check. Did I sit in something? Check. Did I use my napkin effectively? Check.

And of course, the ultimate check – Do I have anything stuck in my teeth?!!

It’s a good thing that peaches have large pits. Else my summer would definitely be ruined.

Susan Anderson lives in Opelika with her husband. Contact her at

Susan Anderson lives in Opelika with her husband. Contact her at


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