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Letter: Character matters most for a president, not entertainment

Letter: Character matters most for a president, not entertainment

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Recently on the radio, there was an interview of Susan Eisenhower, who has written a book about her grandfather, President Dwight (“Ike”) Eisenhower.

When we think of the qualities that make a person presidential, Eisenhower had them in abundance.

He told the truth, he followed the advice of experts and gave them credit for policies that worked, he took personal responsibility for policies that didn’t work, he was not puffed up with pride, and he did not call people insulting names.

During the 1950s, Americans could teach their children to admire such presidential qualities, without any hypocrisy. But during 2020, there is a substantial risk of hypocrisy when anyone votes for a man who lacks every one of those qualities.

During 2016, many Americans were willing to overlook the flaws of Donald Trump. They felt entitled to have a president who would go in there and shake things up.

They were gleeful to watch the story of the rich playboy who was breaking all the rules, causing divisions in America, cancelling treaties and alliances, and generally defying all the good manners that the founders of the United States had taken for granted.

By now, we should be getting tired of finding broken things everywhere we turn.

In Llewellyn King’s column, he notes with some regret that Joe Biden does not have the same “fire” as a candidate that he once had. But I’m not asking for an entertainer-in-chief who is always pushing his face into the headlines.

I’d be satisfied with a president who is decent and competent. Wouldn’t you?

Presidential qualities matter. Being a moral exemplar to the nation matters.

Think of the world you’re leaving for future generations.

Thomas Manig



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