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Letter: Much remains at stake with Supreme Court nominee

Letter: Much remains at stake with Supreme Court nominee

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Placing a nominee on the Supreme Court of the United States will not create a culture of life and civility, or a culture of death, violence and chaos. We have these existing in today’s culture with or without this nominee.

Therefore this is not at stake. What is at Stake? Millions of insured with pre-existing conditions under the Affordable Care Act will lose coverage if the conservative nominee votes to eliminate ACA.

What’s at Stake? Women will lose their right to choose. A majority vote to reverse Roe v Wade will eliminate a constitutional right given in 1973 to have an abortion. Coverage and health benefits will stop at a critical time in America. Especially during COVID-19, when health services are greatly needed.

Not to mention there is no other replacement for over 20 million people with pre-existing conditions.

Planned Parenthood provides more than abortion services. A variety of services include STD tests, breast cancer tests, infertility services, and other educational health services.

A woman’s Right to Choose in my opinion did not unravel the social and cultural fabric of our nation. A devalue of life started much earlier than the legalization of abortion in 1973.

According to columnist Star Parker’s statistics…American adults in 1960, over 72% ages 18 and older were married. This number will greatly decrease from 50%, because having more babies will not encourage more marriages.

In 1970 11% of births were to unwed mothers. In my opinion this number will be much greater than 40% if Roe v Wade is reversed. Birth rates will be at an all-time high with more poverty, more children without parents in their lives, increased unemployment, lack of adequate education and housing, etc.

These conditions in the communities of color will significantly increase. Roe v Wade will not change views of marriage and having children relative to a fulfilling life. Reverse of Roe v Wade will not lessen a person desire to have a career or job.

Love v materialism, culture of life v culture of death will forever be a part of our nation’s future. The future of America will not be significantly affected, damaged or harmed as viewed by Parker.

America’s future will forever evolve and show promise regardless of the Supreme Court nominee. President Trump in my opinion understands what’s at stake, and that is what he has to do to benefit his re-election.

Dwight E. Howard


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