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Letter: We need a statesman in office, not a wannabe

Letter: We need a statesman in office, not a wannabe

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On the morning of Oct. 7, 2006, I woke up, traveled to Jordan-Hare Stadium and witnessed the No. 2 team in the country, my beloved Auburn Tigers, lose to an unranked Arkansas.

You might remember this game...10-27.

Led by Tommy Tuberville, the Tigers looked wholly unprepared for the newly revamped Razorbacks. While 2006 would be a strong season, the next two years demonstrated Tuberville’s inability to grow with the evolutions of the game.

Whether it was a 3-2 victory over Mississippi State in 2007 or 0-36 loss to Alabama in 2008, Tuberville seemed lost.

Now we are asked to vote for Coach, who has shown a similar lack of grasping what he is seeking to do.

From avoiding press and debates to the regurgitating of bland policy talking points, Tuberville hopes our state’s love for football can elevate him to a position in which war and peace, life and death are deliberated.

On a recent radio show, Tuberville stumbled when asked about the Voting Rights Act. The Act serves as a foundational law in our democracy as well as a key legacy of our own state’s history. It is featured prominently in the state’s fourth-, sixth-, and 11th-grade social studies standards.

Tuberville failed to express an understanding of what this law is about.

I believe it is perfectly reasonable to want a conservative in office. What is not reasonable is wanting someone in office that lacks the basic understandings of what that position entails and the knowledge to operate effectively in said position.

Tuberville has shown us in the past and is revealing to us now he is not ready to grow into what it is we need him to be. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we need statesmen in office, not celebrities striving to be politician wannabes.

William Busbin


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