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Letters to the editor: Kudos to Opelika Police for calling off high-speed chase
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Letters to the editor: Kudos to Opelika Police for calling off high-speed chase

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Good call

The O-A News missed an opportunity last week to tell a story that reflected well on the discretion and professionalism of the Opelika Police Department. It’s news that should be reported because it demonstrates how police officers in Lee County balance the needs of law enforcement, with the protection of the public.

It was a quiet Sunday morning. My wife and I were listening to our scanner as we cleaned the house. Police officers near Oak Bowery Road attempted to stop a motorcycle that had no license plate. Instead of stopping, the rider attempted to elude. He turned on to Grand National Parkway and opened up the motorcycle to speeds in excess of 100 mph. At that speed one mistake would have been fatal for the vehicle operator.

At this point the officers must have been thinking that only a criminal would be reckless and foolish enough to pilot a motorcycle at those speeds. But, up to that point, the only infraction observed was operating the vehicle without a license. While the officers pursued the rider, they were well aware that much of Grand National is hilly, curvy, and has numerous no-passing zones. Rather than pursue the vehicle and operator, the police did the responsible thing and called off the pursuit.

High speed police chases kill hundreds of people – including law enforcement officials, alleged criminals and innocent civilians – each year in the United States. Rarely is it just the bad guy getting his just desserts. Innocent people are killed or injured. That is why many departments, like Opelika, have taken to calling off chases when the risk to innocent life is greater than the significance of the crime at issue.

No one, least of all the police, like to see criminals get away with crimes. Eluding a police officer is a crime, but many times young persons unable to see a better answer, make the attempt and it ends in their death. In this case the police department notified other agencies, and pulled back to protect the public. In my mind, that is where our Opelika Police Department really shines. They put the well-being of the innocent ahead of the capture of a reckless idiot.

Anthony L. DeWitt


You voted for this In a few short weeks Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have:

Cancelled the Keystone Pipeline project all while eliminating thousands of good paying jobs and making us, once again, more dependent on foreign countries for oil. Have you noticed that since Jan. 20 a gallon of gas is up 50 cents? Just wait until the summer.

Rejoined the Paris Agreement costing our country billions of dollars while letting other countries go unchecked for a decade or more. Our air and water are cleaner than at anytime in our lifetime. Climate change needs to be addressed but not be an excuse for more government.

Opened the borders to thousands of illegal immigrants while stopping the border wall and the remain-in-Mexico policy. Seems like illegal immigrants are again being prioritized over American citizens. Could it be the Democrats want to create a future voting bloc? By the way are you aware that 6% of illegal immigrants that have been let in have tested positive for COVID and are being released throughout the country?

Teamed with Big Tech, Mainstream Media and left-leaning groups to try and limit our first amendment rights. Can I have a Dr Seuss book please!

Introduced numerous bills to try and limit our second amendment rights while allowing criminals with guns to go unchecked.

On the verge of passing a 1.9 trillion stimulus bill which has only 9% of the dollars going toward COVID. Just a payoff to left-leaning causes and left-leaning states.

I could go on and on but I will leave it at this: Why did you vote for socialism?

Rick Gray



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