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Letters to the editor: The whole world is watching us here in America (and other musings)
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Letters to the editor: The whole world is watching us here in America (and other musings)

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Like so many others, I was enraged by what appeared to me an attempted coup of the United States Government instigated by Donald J. Trump, Donald Jr., Ruby Giuliani and others. Today is another day and today I'm deeply troubled by the actions of two individuals close to home: Mo Brooks and Tommy Tuberville.

I know nothing about Mr. Brooks so allow me to focus on Tommy. He was a very good coach. He should have stuck with coaching. Just a few days into his term he endorses the notion that the election was filled with fraud. I've always believed that as a newcomer to an organization the reasonable thing to do is to keep quiet, listen attentively, and learn from those far wiser than yourself. Less intelligent politicians tend to speak without thinking, then, attempt to pull back from their obvious lack of knowledge of the subject before them and expect forgiveness. There's an old expression: once the "cat's out of the bag," good luck in putting it back. Tommy's legacy has been etched in stone, and so early in the game.

The world’s watching. One of my European relatives commented: Europeans “don’t understand what is happening in America at the moment. We wish for you and for ourselves that the country will become a united nation again and that the ugly development led by Mr. Trump will soon be over.”

The world is watching to see how we handle this moment. The nation’s reputation is at stake.

Bruno Ulrich


More than a game

I am outraged, sickened, and ashamed that some members of our Alabama congressional delegation have played a part in sowing doubt about November's free and fair presidential election. Those who stoked doubt and false claims are in part to blame for the horrifying invasion of our nation's Capitol building.

I read your report that Representative Mo Brooks not only spoke at the rally which became that invading mob but also told them to, quote, "start taking names and kicking ass." His later lame Twitter excuse that ANTIFA was to blame is contemptible and without honor. He, Tommy Tuberville, Mike Rogers, and the rest bear responsibility for undermining our most fundamental and precious legacy — the peaceful transfer of power. If you keep telling people the lie that the election was stolen, what do you expect will happen?

In Alabama, we revere football, but when the referee makes a call, even if it costs our team the victory and the coach has questions about it, we have to accept it. More than 80 judges have ruled that there is no basis to question President-Elect Joe Biden's win. In football, no matter how bitter the loss to a rival, the coach and the players shake hands at the end of the game. That is the American way. How can we treat our Constitution with less reverence than we do our football games?

Caroline Gebhard


Tell us what you really think

Rep. Mike Puddn’head Rogers supported insurrectionists’ attempt at election theft. He should be expelled from House and exiled to the Island of Misfit hairpieces.

John Varner


The Liberals among us

Where we stand now, as a state and nation is uncertain, but one thing is for sure, the Liberals among us here in Alabama and around the nation are going to try and change our way of life at least for the next two years. It’s going to be a trying time for those of us who call the deep south home, and the nation.

As we see freedom of speech eroding nation wide, with the main stream media in bed with the progressive movement, calling the shots and pushing liberalism, freedom of thought, through free speech is drowned out.

At one time, editors ago, our daily paper the Opelika/Auburn news gave the men and women of the street in Auburn and Opelika a voice through Letters to the Editor. Now days we seldom see a letter, but we do see an abundance of opinions from writers all over the country and from sister papers. With a good dose of liberalism. Editors come and go, and we the local citizen now seem to be doomed to feast on the thoughts and political leanings of our paper and its editors, not much from the people.

Long ago it was written by socialist, that America would fall from within, like the over ripe fruit from the tree. Freedom of speech and thought goes first, (controlled largely by the media) then gun control, and LORD knows what comes next, but beware! We have only to trust in the LORD JESUS and he will bring us through.

Slaton Crawford


Wakened from sleep

I was very pleased to hear Jeff Hawley and Ted Cruise have been asked to resign their position of leadership in our Government. I do hope you will pursue the questioning of WHY Rudy Giuliani, Mo Brooks and ALL the other supposed leaders in our Government involved with this horrendous waylay of our Democratic process have not been asked to remove themselves as well.

Our Electoral process is not perfect but it is better than ANY other governmental system. Small populations should be allowed to have a voice as large as populations in New York, California and Pennsylvania. Could it be better? Maybe, however it must be done in PEACE.

I do not know about anyone else, but I for one have been wakened from my apathetic sleep regarding MY NOT doing my responsibility as a constituent of this Already great Nation. I am a registered Republican. I voted for Trump in 2016 – I think that was my worst mistake – ever. (It is my personal opinion that President Trump and ALL of these Traitors be put in prison.)

I am a Christian. I believe in the separation of Church and State. My prayer for the USA is - Know the Truth of God's Word, to ask for His wisdom, which our Democracy was built, change our hearts toward His righteousness, if not, from now on will be variations of Trump.

Sandra Taylor


About those monuments

Attacks upon memorials to General Robert E. Lee and other Confederate veterans continue, despite Alabama’s Memorial Preservation Act, which only fines the law-breakers a one-time $25,000 fine for removing historic monuments, without returning them.

Alabama’s Legislature should raise this fine to $25,000 per day, until the monuments are returned.

The “war over slavery” lie is the reason our Confederate monuments are assaulted and Americans are divided.

Abraham Lincoln alone declared war and stated: “I have no purpose to interfere with the institution of slavery. The power confided to me will be used to collect the duties (tariffs) and import taxes; but beyond what may be necessary for this object, there will be no invasion.” 

The famous Black educator Booker T. Washington strongly supported our Confederate monuments, writing to Mamie Harrison, June 16, 1914: “I am going to take up very carefully the matter of the Confederate Monument and see if I can find someone to give the money that is still needed. We all appreciated the visit of Confederate General Harrison to Tuskegee. We all realize more and more that men like him are the true friends of our race, and that any Monument that will keep the fine character of such heroes before the public will prove helpful to both races in the South.” (Booker T. Washington Papers, Volume 13, Page 64)

Roger K. Broxton, President

Confederate Heritage Fund



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