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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Bring casino bill to Senate floor

Open letter to Sen. Del Marsh:

You say that you will not sponsor a casino bill in the next session because you don't have the votes in the Senate. Are you not concerned that people will think that you -- like House Speaker Mike Hubbard -- are being unduly influenced by the Poarch Creek Indians? In the interest of transparency, allow the bill to come out of committee to the Senate floor and let us citizens see how our senators vote.

Claude Fortin, Opelika


Dropped the ball on unwed pregnancy story

You guys really dropped the ball when publishing the story, "I just want to tell them it is OK."

You make the claim of holding to a high standard of journalism, but what was so great about that story? While it is commendable that the young lady did not choose to abort her child, her having a baby out of wedlock will definitely bring about some concerns and issues for not only herself but also for the father of the child and as well as for all grandparents. Our world today is full of celebrities, politicians and other people of influence who live immoral lives such as living together without the benefit of marriage and having children out of wedlock, as reported by many media outlets, thus proving that they have a very low standard of morality.

So, by publishing such a story what kind of message is the O-A News conveying to the youth in our area? That it is OK to do such things?  Even though the standard of morality is low all around the world, does the O-A News have to keep to this same low standard? I certainly hope not.

Rodney Little, Opelika

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