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Facebook Feedback: Should Confederate monuments be removed?

Facebook Feedback: Should Confederate monuments be removed?

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The Opelika-Auburn News recently conducted a poll asking readers if Confederate monuments should be taken down.

Below are some of the many Facebook comments that were filed in response to the issue, in their unedited format.

Chris ‘n Michele: Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.

Stephanie B.: Absolutely. If there was a statue of a person that raped, murdered or demoralized my family — I would hope that someone would have the morals and the Christian decency to tear it down and not celebrate it by keeping the statue in our town square.

(And side note, it amazes me that so many ‘Christians’ want to keep these — do they honor God in some way?)

George D.: Absolutely not. These statues represent the history of the United States and Alabama and oftentimes contain important historical and genealogical information for researchers. The Civil War ended 155 years ago and race relations in the south have continued to improve. Instead of removing these statues I think we should acknowledge the many accomplishments of the African American community in building this great nation we live in.

Unless EVERY STATUE is taken down. And when I say every I mean every single one no matter what it represents. And then we can start changing street names. And change the federally recognized holidays that honor individuals.

Jeremy L.: I think the statues are pretty cool looking and personally have no problem with them, but if they are tied to the confederacy, they probably belong in a museum rather than being honored and glorified out in public and offending a large portion of the population.

Penny H.: Some people need to read a history book. I do not support the removal of any history. Read your history books people!!!!!

Chris B.: Sadly, we live in a very fragile and easily-offended society. Take off your rose-colored glasses, Friends...the REAL WORLD is waiting for you; we can’t whitewash history to make you feel better.

James H.: The monuments are there as a reminder of the past. Some remind us of past victory’s and some remind of events that should never happen again. Instead we should learn the history of these events and our country, that way we are not doomed to repeat it.

Susan C.: If we do that let’s remove Martin Luther King that makes as much sense and no black history month

Cindy M.: Remove all statues. It is an antiquated, narcissistic practice. And stop naming roads, bridges, schools, buildings, etc. after people.

Hugh T.: Take down the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, rename DC and every town and county and Washington State then worry about a statue

Mitch W.: If we take down statues and monuments of our history.... we need to take ALL monuments and statues down.... and never build any again

D W. A.: I’ve often wondered why those people who are offended by these statues and other offensive things, names and places in the South...continue to live in the South.

Jim T.: I support what the voters decide to do. Personally, I’ve never understood the idolatry ( forbidden in the bible) for men who LOST a war.

Stephanie S.: Tear them all down ....anything tied to hatred and bigotry. Get it all

Mari S.: Absolutely...we need statues of heroes not losers :)

John O.: No I dont....they help remind us of our past mistakes

Amy R.: Take them down and put them in a museum or confederate cemetery. The people led an armed rebellion against the United States and lost. They are the original participation trophy.

Marq G.: Remove those glorifying hate and oppression, and if people want to go and glorify them more, they can pay at a historical museum.

Jim R.: Sure, lets just destroy ALL history that does not meet the lunatic cultural change warriors plans for the future. Lets just bend over and grab the ankles and let ISIS like fringe take everything THEY don’t believe in. I think all this fanaticism is led by a bunch of sissy college professors that never got picked for kick ball in elementary school.

Eric M.: Yes. Considering the fact that most were erected in the 1950s and 60s in defiance of Equal Protection laws (Brown vs Board of Education) and Civil Rights legislation, they should all be removed since they represent a reign of terror unlike any other in the history of the world.

Raahmus D.: Why dont yall just understand you fought against the United States and lost u dont deserve to have those loser statues in the United States, and the only flag u should be able to wave is a White flag

Annie B.: I have found the following comparison to be a helpful argument: things we can learn from: the continued existence of Auschwitz Concentration camp as a learning tool. But do we need any statues of Hitler to remember the holocaust?

Sheila M.: Confederate monuments were erected during the Jim Crow era to intimidate Black people, so these statues are preserving a revisionist history that romanticizes brutality and racism. They don’t belong in our public spaces.

Aimee S.: Yes. Most were put in place to demoralize African Americans long after the civil war was lost. If there were statues representing both sides it would be more don’t see any statues glorifying slavery now do you? Because that would be considered offensive or racist? Well so is honoring Confederate leaders-they were traitors to our United States.

Based on the reactions I’ve seen, I’m surprised there are not a few full size bronzes of lynchings and groups of slaves in bondage displayed as well around here. Honoring Confederate soldiers with statues is just a wee bit more subtle.

Izaak S.: “Tearing down a statue is not erasing history. Putting up a statue on land whose original caretaker you can’t name is.” -Nick Estes

Jeffery N.: They belong in museums and books. Not public displays of reverence.

Shirley B.: Remove black statues to cause that is history...

Helen S.: hell no,,, if you don’t like it leave ,no body will miss you,

Jamal O.: Absolutely! The TREASONOUS Slave-Trading Confederacy should never be celebrated in the country in which it committed TREASON!

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