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Letter: Character matters, but so does achievement

Letter: Character matters, but so does achievement

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This is in response to the letter to the editor “Character matters most for a president, not entertainment.”

I agree that character matters more than entertainment, but I value achievement even more.

We have had many smooth-talking politicians – mostly lawyers - who became president but were less than competent in many ways.

Mr. Obama was one of those. With Biden as his VP, he allowed Russia to annex Crimea, ISIS to grow and kill thousands of Yazidis – some even called it a genocide. He supported Iran by giving it money, allowing it to continue to foment unrest in the Middle East. But, he was smooth.

Back to the letter, it was one more “I hate Trump” tirade, albeit a sophisticated one. The gentleman ended the letter saying “I’d be satisfied with a president who is decent and competent.”

I think President Trump is decent, but more importantly, he is extremely competent. His achievements have resulted in more peace around the world.

Two more Middle East countries have signed peace agreements with Israel. There is no longer an ISIS caliphate. No country, not even Russia, has annexed territories from other countries.

“Rocket Man,” the leader of North Korea, has been very quiet. Our alliances are still strong, Mr. Trump merely forced other countries to pay their fair share in these alliances. And, best of all, some of our troops are coming home.

Mr. Trump was also instrumental in the longest economic expansion on record before the coronavirus pandemic upended the economy.

This was accompanied by record low unemployment, for all classes of people, as well as decreases in crime every year – until this year when the pandemic hit.

In November, I will vote for competence, Trump and Pence, over the smooth lawyers, Biden and Harris. Or, is it Harris and Biden?

Claude Fortin


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