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Letter to the editor: Coach Harsin is right about vaccinations
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Letter to the editor: Coach Harsin is right about vaccinations

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In a recent letter to the editor, Mike Halperin, a friend of mine, opined that Coach Harsin was wrong for stating that getting the Covid vaccination is an individual choice, and he would not make it mandatory. I think that the Coach’s viewpoint is the correct one, for several reasons. First, let me say that I have been vaccinated myself and am an advocate for its use. One size does not fit all in this case, however, as many people have good reasons not to take the vaccination. People who have had Covid don’t need it. Kids, who don’t die from Covid, don’t need it. There has not been a long enough period of observing the consequences of the vaccine to rule out serious side effects.

An even more important reason not to require mandatory vaccination, in my opinion, is to avoid the tyranny of public health. Our Country was founded on the novel idea of individual rights, the only country, so far, to have ever been done so. Individual rights allow for, and promote, differences of opinion and are the anathema of group-think. It is a constant struggle to maintain the ability to enjoy the freedoms laid out in the Bill of Rights by our founders, which is why they included so many checks and balances when they formed our national government.

Finally, if we are going to require mandatory vaccinations, why stop with Covid? I haven’t verified it, but my impression is that the flu still kills more people in most years than Covid has, so maybe we should require everyone to get a vaccination against it? Well, I don’t think so.

Lastly, it appears that Covid, even with the new variants, is not the killer it was a year ago. We have found that both Hydroxichloroquine and Ivermectine are very effective in treating Covid, if administered early in the infection period. Other treatments are also effective.

So in conclusion, Coach Harsin is right on, and I hope Coach Saban will meet his match this fall!

Bob Jonson



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