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Letter to the editor: Lee Co commissioners should call trash pickup proposal 'ditch-side' not 'curbside'
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Letter to the editor: Lee Co commissioners should call trash pickup proposal 'ditch-side' not 'curbside'

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loachapoka lee road 188 (copy)

Lee Road 188 draws traffic between Loachapoka and Interstate 85 to the south. It also draws a lot of trash from those passing drivers. County officials are discussing curbside pickup and recycling centers as ways to combat this, as well as illegal dumping at the county’s 15 waste disposal sites.

Don’t call it curbside

I read that our county commissioners are considering curbside pickup. It really should be called “Ditch Side Pick Up.”

Notice there was no mention of the possible cost, and the cost increase will go up every year. For someone who is on a fixed income (Social “Insecurity”) plus a small pension, I wouldn’t qualify for any discounts. Also, I have a steep driveway and I am unable to push a trash container up and down it due to health issues. Plus, my driveway is concrete and already cracked and wouldn’t stand the weight of a heavy trash truck. Have the coyotes, wild dogs and raccoons that will be getting into these containers been considered? It will happen.

The best solution is to fence in the dumpsters and have them only open during certain hours, or have them “manned.”

Otherwise, perhaps the county commissioners themselves can perform a trash patrol and clean up after all the wild animals are finished rummaging the containers, plus repair any damaged driveways. After reading their proposal, I think they definitely could use some fresh air.

Will Be Looking for More Littered Roadways,

Billy Crenshaw

Valley (right over the line in Lee Co)


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