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Brie Bella was in labour for 22 hours with her first child

Brie Bella was in labour for 22 hours with her first child

Brie Bella was in labour for 22 hours with her first child

Brie Bella was in labour for "22 hours" with her first child.

The 'Total Bellas' star - who has Birdie, three, and Buddy, three months, with her husband Daniel Bryan - has recalled her traumatic first birth as she recounted her fears about her second pregnancy.

She said: "I was so tired. I remember at 3 am walking into the hospital, honestly thinking that I would be holding my daughter at 7 am. I just thought it was gonna be fast, and quiet and different ... I didn't think I'd be labouring for 22 hours, to push for three hours, to end in an emergency C-section."

And Brie remembers when she was told she was "in the danger zone" with Birdie.

She added: "I was crowning, and every push I thought she was gonna come out; I could see that she had blonde hair. And then all of a sudden, Birdie's heart rate dropped - like, 'We gotta get Brie out of here.' And I remember I just started bawling crying, and they're like, 'You're in the danger zone.'"

The 36-year-old professional wrestler also admitted she was feeling "really nervous" about the arrival of her second child, and the risk was "scaring" her.

Speaking on her and her sister Nikki Bella's reality show, Total Bellas, she shared: "I'm really nervous about birth. Everything I went through with Birdie, how exhausting it was, the pain. I just get really scared. I don't wanna go through that with this one. I feel like the breathing techniques aren't really important for me. I think of how much I prepared with Birdie to have this natural birth, and I fought hard, but just the way it ended … and then I think of this pregnancy, and I just like … I don't even really get to do what I want, and if I do, I'll take a huge risk. And it just really scares me."

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