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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Columbus police shot and killed a teenage girl who swung at two other people with a knife Tuesday, according to bodycam footage from the officer who fired the shots just minutes before the verdict in George Floyd’s killing was read.

Amtrak already has a list of projects to fund if it gets the billions it expects from a big infrastructure bill. And some of its proposals can be put into effect rapidly, which is a big change from many other infrastructure proposals. Typically, even "shovel ready" projects need years to show results, but some of Amtrak's ideas are "service ready." Basically, infrastructure required for many Amtrak needs is already in place: Amtrak just adds trains to existing operational rail systems. So Amtrak can quickly add as many routes as it is able to equip and staff within a short time.

Q: The grout line between my kitchen granite countertop and the tile backsplash has cracked for the umpteenth time. Each winter the crack appears, and each year I re-grout it hoping it will be the final time. Am I using the wrong grout? How would you repair this, and why does the crack disappear on its own in the summer? I have the same issue with other cracks around my home that mysteriously open and close depending on the time of year. --Gary K., Columbus, Oio

December 23, 1937 - September 1, 2020 Now in the outstretched arms of Jesus, Sylvia June Golden Bassett, 82, of Columbus died Tuesday, Septemb…

January 23, 1944 - May 25, 2020 A funeral service for Martha Chestnut Hand, 76, of Columbus, GA (formerly of Opelika, AL) is Wednesday, June 3…

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