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Letter -- Turner is wrong; life is about taking risks

Letter -- Turner is wrong; life is about taking risks

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“It only takes the loss of one father, one mother, one brother or sister to realize the cost of taking a risk too soon.” (Opelika-Auburn News, Aug. 16)

Troy Turner in his Sunday column is wrong: Life is about taking risks.

Players have died from on-the-field injuries, and we haven’t cancelled entire seasons because of them. Clearly, Turner’s caving in to media fear-mongering. I don’t blame him: The media consistently portray COVID-19 as something that will kill everyone who contracts it.

Yes, the virus is fatal, but only to 4% of its victims. Over 50% (according to some sources) don’t even know they’ve had it.

Five million Americans out of 330 million do have the disease. At this writing, fewer than a quarter-million have succumbed to it. That leaves 325 million, far too many of whom may be wondering when their next meal, never mind their next paycheck, is coming from.

For all intents and purposes, they’re being punished because they’re healthy. Why? Fear – Faceless officials’ fear of something that has less chance statistically of doing people serious harm than a trip across town by car.

Turner wants us to “get more serious and unified in how we battle this silent killer.” In this case he’s right, but I for one am not holding my breath.

There’ve been too many squabbles already over treatment options (such as using past victims’ blood to ease current victims’ symptoms) and over delivering a vaccine that does not yet exist, if it ever will. We must accept the existence of the virus, and the risks it poses, as the new normal, and get on with our lives.

And that means football. Kudos to the SEC, Big 12 and ACC for their courage in going forward.

Jim Elston


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