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Letter -- Our nation must regain the spirit it had in 1776

Letter -- Our nation must regain the spirit it had in 1776

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Our nation must regain

the spirit it had in 1776

God and prayer have been a part of our daily routine, for many years until someone claimed to be offended by it, and then all hell broke loose.

The courts came down on prayer in schools as being prohibited by the constitution. And since God has been pushed out of our schools, we now see the results.

Being offended about something seems to be in vogue now. Our memorials and statues that have been around for many, many years are now being trashed and torn down, because some claim to be offended by them.

This attack on our national heritage is being allowed by weak and intimidated public officials, mayors and governors who are caving into the demands of left wing radicals, street mobs and looters.

We are allowing a tiny fraction of the present generation to upset and destroy our way of life, our heritage and that of our ancestors. Street gangs and other malcontents are using the right of peaceful protest to infiltrate some, once legitimate organizations and use them as a front for self-serving and sometimes sinister purposes. Some rising to positions of power and influence to the detriment of our nation.

Our nation today is not unlike it was back in the mid-1700s, only much larger and more complicated. Back then as a fledgling, deeply religious, start-up nation, we were fighting to gain independence from Great Britain and free ourselves from our oppressors.

If we are to survive as a Christian nation today, we must regain the spirit of 1776.

I believe we can do it again.

Slaton Crawford


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